The Power of Simplicity

1. Connect

Depending on the type of product - Photos, Videos, Illustrations, Websites, 3D Products etc. - go to the start a project to start the creation process. Add to the cart the hours mentioned for each service. Go to Checkout and fill in the fields with your contact and billing data. Pay securely in any currency through Stripe
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Project registration and coordination: Eduard Mihăilă
Response time: 1-2 working days.
You will receive by e-mail all the legal documents needed to get started.
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2. Start your project

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Remember: Purchased and unused hours can be refunded or relocated to another project.

3. Tracking of purchased hours

In the world of Artists, it is almost impossible to say exactly how long a digital work will take to create. Sometimes it is difficult even to estimate how long it takes to complete a technical file. For this reason, we have created an online store specially designed for your business. From here you can buy digital creation hours and the integrations of the platform will allow you to have total control over the hours allocated to your projects.
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Budget Management in Real Time

Harvest provides visibility into the key aspects of your projects:
Budget, Team Capacity and Costs — enabling you to keep everything on time and on budget.

Reports & Analysis

Track your hours and use a wide selection of visual reports that help keep projects running smoothly.

⦁ Clear visual reports allow you to compare actual time vs. budget
⦁ Get more accurate timesheet and cost data

Keep your projects
on track. Set up a team.

For example, if completing a task takes eight hours, and one person works on the task for one hour each day, that task will take eight days to complete. If a team of eight professionals works on the same task, it may take one day to complete.
up to 10 members / month / project

No worries, we thought of everything.

Refund Policy
You can request a refund for any purchase — for any reason. Maybe you didn’t use a particular service; maybe you bought too many hours by mistake. It doesn't matter. Refund? 
Transfer Hours
In case you didn't use all the hours you bought, have no fear, we will simply report them for a future date. Transfer?